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DARPA sees clear path to faster, cheaper space technology

“We are looking at how we leverage the commercial sector at LEO, how we leverage the manufacturing of smaller cheaper satellite buses, and looking at how we put our payloads into those more affordable buses,” Walker said. In a FedBizOpps announcement, DARPA asked for “innovative proposals” for low cost, mass reproducible space payloads and satellite buses. Interested contractors are invited to a briefing at the agency March 15. DARPA wants “commoditized satellite buses capable of hosting military payloads.” The renaissance of commercial space, said the Blackjack solicitation, “has led to the design of numerous LEO constellations whose design and manufacturing methodologies potentially offer economies of scale previously unavailable.” The intent of the Blackjack program is to “demonstrate a distributed low earth orbit constellation that provides global persistent coverage with a total cost of ownership that is less than a single exquisite satellite.” Each satellite is envisioned to cost, including launch, less than $6 million. Walker said the Air Force is enthusiastic about the project. The service has been criticized for not moving fast enough to modernize space systems. Walker said that, in fairness, large organizations like the U.S. military services excel at what they do and are “wedded to the way they’ve always done business.” DARPA was created to be “disruptive of that mindset and a partner at the same time,” he said. “We find that is much more effective.” The Blackjack concept is “getting a lot of traction, especially in the Air Force,” said Walker. “I’m encouraged that we’re going to move in that direction together.” Separately from the Blackjack project, DARPA officials plan to brief contractors March 5 on the “future of space.” The meeting is being billed as a discussion on “how to technologically and culturally disrupt the space enterprise, from the ground up,” and how to bring about the “End of Battlestar Galactica.” The idea is to get both the military and contractors to think differently about space capabilities, said an advisory sent to companies in advance of the meeting. The Pentagon’s “risk-adverse processes incentivize performance over cost and schedule, further exacerbating the pursuit of monolithic, everything-to-everyone solutions.” The current defense space architecture is “expensive, vulnerable, and technologically aging,” said the advisory.

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